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Mr. Rezac's Bio Poem for Math

Taking away, leaving, departing, breaking

Father to Negatives, Brother to X-Axis, Cousin of Slopes, and Daddy of Fractions

Look at: the supermarket, my bank accounts, my wallet, the stock market.

Osama loves subtraction, Iran loves subtraction, America does not like subtraction.

To do subtraction you take any number and you take away you take away.

Take my friend 10. Now take away 5, and what do you have?

You get five. Five my friend. No less. No more.

Why use subtraction? To save, to spend, to fail, to build.

You see subtraction hurting in the streets, you see the hope addition coming on the horizon.

Tank, slide, fall back, hurt, drown, 5 more.

Math Concept _

Four words that describe the concept
Related Concepts or other related math (list three relatives or related math concepts)
Places you normally see this concept
Who likes (three things it likes)
How to do this concept (in rhyme?) in an example.
Why we use this concept (three reasons).
How this concept has affected your category.
10 words that would describe the effect your concept has had on the country (you'll add images later to go along with these, so be creative).
Math Concept
Four words that describe the concept
(Peace Out)