_Cross products
Double, easy, interesting, fun.
simplifying fractions, equivalent fractions, adding fractions
you see it in business,
I large numbers, multiplying
How to do this concept (in rhyme?) in an example.-
1) you multiply across,
2) you divide by the extra #
3) then you get the missing number


1) In 1 hour you make $6, and in 5 hours you make $=?
2) take the 1 hour the $6, make it into a fraction (1 hour/$6)
3) then, put 5 hours over the $?

4) times the $6.00 an times it by 5 hours.
then do the same with the ? and the 1 hour.
6) then you have $30.00 divide by 1 hour. (and you get $30.00)

helps you figure out things more clearly
work, business, people, payments, restaurants, sales, taxes, groceries shopping, tips, baby sitting
cross products
double, easy, interesting, fun
(Peace Out)