Adding fractions

Math, numbers, fractions, and addition

Related to adding integers, subtracting fractions, and equations

Usually seen at fairs when counting how many things someone ate for a competition

Likes papers and pens, keyboards and computers, but most of all chalk and chalkboards

Ok, so we have 50 cakes that have 8 pieces each, and we’re making them for a fair. My friend bakes a few more cakes and eats some of it but doesn’t seem to care. He ends up bringing 53/8ths. So when we get there we end up with 453/8ths. How did we do that you seem to ask? Well first we turn it to fraction, which is no big task. Then we know we have 400/8ths. We also have 53/8ths. But other than that we have no batter but it does not matter cause we’ve got nothing to do. So when we add 400 and 53 we leave the 8’s alone. So now we have 453 over 8 cakes so now we can go home.

Solving equations that have to do with percentages, how much you ate, and how much of something you need to cook.

Helped people cook and do things like accounting and measuring

Adding fractions

math, numbers, fractions, and addition