Watch as Kola222, Zared66, Clark1367 show you how to do one of the hardest math concepts around .they will give you a real world examples like building a house, and a math example. Some of the problems we had was the timing of the movie and voice.

Pythagorean therm
Easy, fun, helpful, nice
(Triangles, area of triangles, types of triangles) Places you normally see this concept

: construction sites.
(legs,ladders, cats in trees)
You are building a house, and not for a mouse, and you need to install a window. you know that the wall is 10ft tall, about the height of a mall, and you need to put the ladder 5ft away. How tall does your ladder have to be?

To solve the problem, you take the two numbers you know (the legs) to the second power, and add them together. you should get 125. then find the square route. you should get a number around 11. that is your answer.

to find the hypotenuse, to find the legs, to install windows).

How this concept has affected your category. It makes instillation easier.
It helps construction workers build really good houses and other things
Pythagorean therm
Easy, fun, helpful, nice

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