Scatter Plots
By erbowls1513 and warman12

You are all about to see how to make scatter plots. They really can relate to the real math world. You are going to learn from this project is how banks have been in the past few years. You will also learn about how to make scatter plots for anything. It relates to the real world by showing how banks have been effected by the economy. Its very bad due to the economy. People have had to had to do foreclosure on their house because they have no money left from the banks. My video project so far has most of the requirements but not all of them. It will soon have all of them.

Math Concept" Scatter Plots Graph, money, years, losses and gains are in coordinate planes, line graphs that start with mapping, the news, New York Stock, Newspapers,and marketing.
Who likes: Coordinate planes, Line graphs, Scatter Graphs (another word for scatter plot)
How to do this concept steps: 1. Draw the first quadrant of a coordinate plane. 2. put the years on the bottom/ x- axis, and put the amount of money the banks lost in thousands on the side/ y axis. 3. Then plot all of the information that you have.
Why we use this concept (three reasons). It'll help people organize math concepts better in the real math world. Using scatter plots enable us to also neatly order and display information. This is also useful because it can display today's constant rising and dropping stock market.
How this concept has affected your category. So I can tell how some of the banks went bankrupt. So we can see how much money they lost in order to go bankrupt. Also to see how long they were in business.
10 words that would describe the effect your concept has had on the country 1. bankrupt 2. out of business. 3. Bad economy 4. foreclosed 5. Bad 6. Failed 7. Money 8. Lost 9. assets 10. Size lost
Reprise: Scatter Plots
Math Concept scatter plots

Four words that describe the concept: Graph, Money, Years, Losses and Gains

Well finally we are done with our movie. We are really happy about it! Well hope its better than our rough cut. NOW IT HAS MUSIC!!!!

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