Okay, so you're almost done. Now we have to share your work with the world!

This is our Project Share Wiki. This is where all of our work will be displayed for everyone to see.

Do things in this order:
1. Log in to this wiki using your username and password for Edu20. Remember your password? Check the password sheet!
2. Create a "New Page" for you and your partner's work. Title it based on the Title of your movie.
3. At the top of your new page, put your user names so we know who you are.
4. Write a one paragraph introduction to this page:
a.What are we about to see and what are we going to learn from your project?
b. How does your video show that your math concept relates to the real world?
c. What problems did you come up against during this project, and how did you tackle them?
d. Do you feel as though your final video has met all the requirements? Why or why not?

5. Under your reflection paste in your BioPoem. Introduce your Biopoem by telling us a little bit about the process of making it.
6. Under your script, paste in the Final Video. Introduce your video by telling us what inspired you to make it.