ieatCookies with daylily73

You guys are probably going to see somethings like business, water gun, cookies, cup cakes.

Also it will show you how to do cross products.

This video will relate to the real word b use business and the "bakery" picture.

Some problem i came up with was that i couldn't delete my old music but yet still have the pictures i put in there.

I tackled my problems by asking people around me or if they don't know then i raise my hand and ask the teacher.

Yes i think my music video meet its requirements because i change my voice so it was a bit louder so the people can hear me rap my problem

_Cross products
Double, easy, interesting, fun.
simplifying fractions, equivalent fractions, adding fractions
you see it in business,
I large numbers, multiplying
How to do this concept (in rhyme?) in an example.-
1) you multiply across,
2) you divide by the extra #
3) then you get the missing number


1) In 1 hour you make $6, and in 5 hours you make $=?
2) take the 1 hour the $6, make it into a fraction (1 hour/$6)
3) then, put 5 hours over the $?

4) times the $6.00 an times it by 5 hours.
then do the same with the ? and the 1 hour.
6) then you have $30.00 divide by 1 hour. (and you get $30.00
helps you figure out things more clearly
work, business, people, payments, restaurants, sales, taxes, groceries shopping, tips, baby sitting
cross products
double, easy, interesting, fun
(Peace Out)