Subtracting Real Numbers
Subtracting, adding, negatives, positives
Adding real numbers, and dividing real numbers
When I am looking at a thermomentor

It's important to relate the Real World to our math concepts because society is people working together. This math concept which is subtracting real numbers would relate to the Real World because children would be working together to solve this math concept. In my video you are going to see how to solve 13-(-5) by subtracting real numbers.

All the different aspects of these videos are important to help people learn math because the rhythm, pictures, and music will grab the persons attention. Instead of a regular math class this will interest the listener more.I hope others will gain knowledge from this video. I also hope others will remember the math concept more because of the pictures, rhythm, and music. Lastly, I hope that people will teach and tell others about this concept.

Mr. Rezac's Bio Poem for Math
Math Concept
Four words that describe the concept,
Related Concepts or other related math (list three relatives or related math concepts) \
Places you normally see this concept
Who likes (three things it likes)
How to do this concept (in rhyme?) in an example.
Why we use this concept (three reasons).
How this concept has affected your category.
10 words that would describe the effect your concept has had on the country (you'll add images later to go along with these, so be creative).
Math Concept
Four words that describe the concept
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Subtracting Real Numbers
Subtracting, adding, negatives, positives
Adding real numbers, and dividing real numbers
I see this concept when I am looking at a thermometer
Subtracting, positives, negatives
Hey there, I am here to show you how to subtract the real number way.
Its simple really, so just sit back and go for the ride, plus you don't have to pay.
To make it easier lets just say that your favorite football team is 13 yards away from a first down, and they just lost 5 yards and you want to find out how much farther they have to go for a first down.
You first take the equation 13-(-5) and since there is a subtraction sign from the loss of yardage you change it to addition and you then have 13+(-5).
But your not done yet, then take the next number (-5) and turn it to a positive 5 because you turned the subtracttion sign to addition.
So now we have 13+5 right, so just add them up and you get 18, now that is how much longer you have to go for a first down.
Easy as pie right?
We use this concept it to tell the change in temperature, to see how much more money you need to by a product if you are negative in money. And you can also use it to pay the bills.
This concept effects society because society is people working together and this explanation would help in a school classroom with students working together to solve a math problem like this.
Money, bills, in math class, buying an item, the change in temperature, on the football field, paying an overused debit card,multi-step equations,finding the elevation of a mountains summit,running.
Subtracting Real Numbers
Subtracting, adding, negatives, positives

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