It is important to relate adding real numbers to the real world because it is used everyday. It is used in many ways. It is used to buy items, pay bills, find out how many basketballs you have after you give some to your friend, and in many other ways. In these video, you will learn how to add real numbers. You will also find ways how you can use adding real numbers in everyday society.

Using rythm, pictures, and garageband in these math videos is very important. With music in the videos people want to pay attention more. They will listen to the music because people like music. Also people will like watching the video because there is pictures in it. In the video there is explanations on how to do the math problem which makes it easier to learn how to do the math problem. I would like people to learn how to add real numbers very well in these video.

Mr. Rezac's Bio Poem for Math

Math Concept Adding Real Numbers
Four words that describe the concept Negatives, Positives, Adding, Math
Related Concepts or other related math (list three relatives or related math concepts) Adding, Subtracting, One step equations
Places you normally see this concept When you are paying the bills and finding out how much money you have after you buy something.
Who likes (three things it likes) Negatives, Positives, and Adding
How to do this concept (in rhyme?) in an example.
Why we use this concept (three reason
How this concept has affected your category.
10 words that would describe the effect your concept has had on the country (you'll add images later to go along with these, so be creative).
Math Concept
Four words that describe the concept
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Adding Real Numbers
Negatives, Positives, Adding, Math
Adding, Subtracting, One step equations
When you are paying the bills and finding out how much money you have after you buy something.
Negatives, Positives, and Adding
Today you will learn how to add real numbers. Its as easy as eating cucumbers. All you have to do is remember the properties. Negative + negative always equals a positive. Positive + positive always equals a positive. Negative + positive is different. If the positive has a bigger absolute value( the amount away from zero on the number line) than it will be positive. If the negative has a bigger absolute value than the positive than it will be negative. Lets get solving. The example that we will be using a basketballs. You are playing with basketballs with your friend and you decide to give some to your friend because he doesn't have any. You have 13 basketballs in total. You give him 8 basketballs so that he can have some. Find how many basketballs you have after you give your friend 8 of them. To start the problem you have to set it up first. If you did it correctly you should have gotten 13+-8. Next, identify the negative and positive symbols in the problem for the example of 13+-8 it is a negative + a positive. If you look back at the properties we will be using the positive + negative property. It doesn't seem like it but you are almost finished with this math problem. Now add 13+-8. That equals 5. We know this because the absolute value is bigger with the positive number and we know that if you put 13 and -8 together you get 5. The answer is 5 basketballs.
This concept can be used in many ways. You can use it to find out how much money you have after you buy something. You can also use it to balance a checkbook. Also if you knew the price of one item that you bought but not the other you could find that out.
We use this concept everyday. It can be used to find how many basketballs you have left after you give some to your friend. People use it when they go to the store and when they need to find the price of a second item. This concept is used a lot in society.
Buying items, Paying bills, It is used a lot everyday

Adding real numbers.
Negatives, Positives, Adding, Math