Math with Integers
subtract, multiply, divide and counting
Dolphins, fishing, and boating, sinking and floating
The Ocean sea
a+b+c+d, so many equations, let's see ONE

This is multiplication to find dolphin extermination, keep in mind and we'll find the answer
one fisherman (x) kills 12 dolphins 2880 have already been taken how many more will be fish bacon? First, subtract 2880 from 3000 for the already dead dolphins. You get 120 left not many. divide by 12 and get 10, he'll kill 10 more, not pretty. Algebraic equations to clear the delusions around this math-----integers(whisper).

smartest creatures, extinct, fish population, out of control, food chain in a big hole, environment messed up--WOW
Let the dolphins go now. Don't deep fry them. Let the dolphins go now. Don't deep fry them
Multiplying integers

Wendy's, Fillet-o-fish, Tasty, Evil
Don't eat at Wendy's--- Peace