Solve Equations with Variables on Both Sides
It's Confusing, but totally easy
Solve Multi-Step Equations, Solve Two-Step Equations, Solve One-Step Equations
High Schools,and Middle Schools
It likes to have numbers next to its variables. It likes to have variables on both sides. It likes to be simplified as much as possible.
2x+7=x-9 first subtract 7 on both sides 2x=x-2 then subtract x on both sides x=2 and then your done.
we use this concept to figure out which milk is cheaper, which toilet paper brand is cheaper, and which orange juice is cheaper.
This concept taught me how to save money from buying many of the same things and different brands.
This math concept affected my category by showing that all math concepts are used in life.
This concept effected the economy by showing which company's product cheaper to buy. We use this concept for groceries,
food, tickets for sports,clothes,toys,cars,computers,desks,earphones,pencils
It"s Confusing, but totally easy
Solve Equations with Variables on Both Sides
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